• Spices & dried chillis

  • Here you will find a selection of spices from around the world.  From asafoetida to turmeric, we have most of the Indian spices covered.  We sell Chipotle chillies from Mexico and Kashmiri chillies from India. 

    Our spices come in plastic sachets - this way we can keep our postage costs down,  but the best way to store them at home is in a glass jar. 

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    Picture of Five spice powder
    Five spice powder€1.50
    40g Five Spice powder
    Picture of Garam masala
    Garam masala€1.50
    50g Garam Masala
    Picture of Ginger powder
    Ginger powder€1.50
    40 ginger powder
    Picture of Indian Bay leaves
    Indian Bay leaves€1.50
    10g Indian Bay leaves
    Picture of Kaffir Lime leaves
    Kaffir Lime leaves€1.50
    10g dried Kaffir lime leaves
    Picture of Kashmiri Chilli, whole
    Kashmiri Chilli, whole€2.00
    30g whole Kashmiri chillis
    Picture of Mango Powder
    Mango Powder€1.50
    40g Mango Powder, also known as Amchoor - poudre de mangue
    Picture of Masala Dabba
    Masala Dabba€20.00
    a tin for storing Indian spices
    Picture of Mustard seeds - black
    Mustard seeds - black€1.50
    50g black mustard seeds - graines de moutarde noir
    Picture of Nigella seeds
    Nigella seeds€1.50
    40g Nigella seeds
    Picture of Paprika - smoked
    Paprika - smoked€1.50
    40g smoked Paprika
    Picture of Poppy seeds
    Poppy seeds€1.50
    50g poppy seeds
    Picture of Turmeric
    50g Turmeric powder
    33 products found